Moe Music is a web based frontend to mpg123. It uses mysql as a back end database for storing songs and keeping queues. Moe Music is intended for use at LAN parties or anywhere else sound for a room is needed, as the music is played from a central server.

Moe Music has a number of system requirements. You will need an installed copy of MySQL, PHP3, and mpg123 and it requires a javascript enabled browser on the client side.
Click Here to download version 0.3.1 of moe music (77K).
If you have any problems installing moe music feel free to email me.



A survey has been added. Tell me what you think of Moe Music


0.3.1 Released. oops i messed up the directory structure for the admin menu. Well its fixed now sorry:(


0.3.0 Released Many improvements involving graphics and selections. See the CHANGELOG


0.1.2 Released. A few updates to moe music including a delete feature

Moe Music Mailing Lists

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